What are Yantras?

What are Yantras?

What are Yantras?

Basically put Yantra are types of ancient Hindu design which are known for helping people to be able to concentrate better and achieve the goals they have set but are struggling with. The special diagram has been created to help people to focus and meditate. The actual term was taken from a Sanskrit root work known as ‘yam’. This root work is known to support object essence and the ‘tra’ part of the word is derived from ‘trana’.  Together as Yantra the word symbolises birth, rebirth and liberation. Think of a Mandala Buddhist, which is a type of visual aid for meditation. Yantra is the same equivalent but Yogic. 

Yantra differs from Mantra due the fact it serves as a specific form that can be touched and seen. With Mantra it’s an image you create in your mind. The Yantra is made by amalgamating different patterns and forms that are able to enhance the minds focus. To create Yantra you have to be accurate so that it is able to activate the visual part of your brain. 

Different shapes and designs have different energy patterns that can be used to aid meditation. As well as shapes there are also concentric figures including the lotus and points. These figures signify macrocosmic evolution when they come away from the centre where as towards the centre they symbolise microcosmic involution. The human form itself is seen as being perfection and a great tool to use for internal awareness. 

Dots and bindus symbolize concentration which if at the centre can increase unity. That point when expanded into a chakra or circle allows users to create a blissful void. Triangles symbolise feminine energy and represent the sex organs. Upward pointing triangles signify spiritual aspiration at its highest form. 

6 pointed stars are two of the triangles put together symbolising unison and creation. The square is the outside limit of each Yantra and their symbolic meaning is the earth element.  The lotus symbolizes both variety and purity as well as freedom from interference helping you to clear your mind. 

Common Yantra benefits are as follows:

  • Sri Yantra – represents centre of the universe
  • LingaBhairavi – wellbeing enhancement and removal of obstacles stopping them from succeeding. 
  • ShaktaYantras – represents the divine mother and supreme knowledge

Yantras are able to help people to get rid of the feelings of inadequacy and fight competition and resentment that can hold them back. By using them to meditate users are able to attract well-being, luck and abundance. They are often used to get rid of negative energy so that the user can feel at peace and in harmony with the world and themselves. 

How is a Yantra used?

In order to get the benefits from Yantras you must look at it daily and chant specific prayers. By giving the Yantra your devotion you are able to change your minds pattern to enable you to achieve your dreams. 

You should also offer gifts of incense and flowers at least weekly to benefit in full. 


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