Brianna Barraza

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I've been working with Brianna in private sessions for the past several months now. Her knowledge and training from her time in India really pays off. This is real, life-invigorating, healing, and centering yoga that has made a tremendous impact in both my personal and professional life. I have greater health, focus, stamina, energy, and inner peace than ever before.

Cary Herrman

I've taken numerous classes with Bri and have enjoyed every one of them. I like high intensity work outs and her class is similar to that of my interval training classes. In that it's challenging and I break out in a good sweat. She's tentative and explains how to perform each pose well. Highly recommend her for your yogi needs.

Sam Mann

Brianna radiates positivity and has a beautiful soul. Not only will you enjoy her as a skilled and experienced instructor, but also as a genuine, approachable and friendly human. Highly recommended!

Danella Lucioni

I'm an athlete, well at least try to be and my schedule is very busy when it comes to being able to fit yoga into my life. Brianna is an excellent teacher as I've been able to be more confident in my poses and have been able to open up my hips and strengthen my core; which I've completely taken for granted.

David Louvet

I visited Manhattan Beach from Portland, Oregon last week and dropped into a Friday morning class with Brianna. My experience was great! The class was full, but comfortable. I was very impressed with Brie’s constant flow and the knowledge of her words that really kept a powerful energy through out the entire class. 
Overall my experience was nice, slow and really the perfect way to end a long week and give me what I needed to ease into my weekend! I will make sure I attend her class every time I’m in California! 

Deavon Ruud