Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini awakening

Life is completely unpredictable and any kind of sudden spiritual crisis can distress us. The Upanishad mentioned the concept of Kundalini, which stands for “circular”, meaning that the energy of the human body lies like a snake at the bottom of the spine. This energy gets activated and flows in the upward direction through the seven energy centers lying in our bodies which results in spiritual awakening of consciousness known as Kundalini awakening. This sudden change can result in happiness for some and depression for others. The awakening is not based on any culture or religion; it comes naturally to certain human beings which raises their level of consciousness.

Reason for the Awakening

The topic of kundalini awakening has been present in the world from the 8th century, which means that the experience of enlightenment has been felt by many. The possible logic behind its awakening includes traditional practices like meditation. It is said that a regular yoga practitioner has the ability to activate their kundalini. Although it is not mandatory that only yoga can activate the chakras.The enlightenment can be achieved while doing rigorous work, by the use of drugs, through sexual involvements, accident or any trauma, different life events and yoga training.

How to detect the Kundalini awakening

Every individual has different kundalini awakening experiences based on their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. The advancement of the seven chakras through the body leads to dissimilar awakening and experience, till the time it reaches the head. Once the chakras reached the top of the head it leads to the ultimate attainment of consciousness.  The physical changes are also felt by many as signs and symptoms resulting due to kundalini awakening. These include:-

i) Severe flow of energy in the body or feeling of electrocution

ii) Automatic tremors, shaking, tingling, itching sensations all over the body and particularly in hands and legs.

iii)Feeling of extreme heat or cold sensation as if energy is getting transported through the chakras.

iv)Impromptu practice of yoga asana.

v)Severe craving or disorientation of sexual desire sometimes directing to orgasm

vi)The individual sees images and hears sounds of a particular chakra.

vii)Severe headache which might lead to migraine attacks.

viii) High blood pressure and unsteady heartbeat.

ix)The feeling of being away and lonely from the society.

x)Lack of responsiveness to light, touch and sound.

xi)Experience of severe pain all over the body, especially the back and neck area.

xii)Poor diet or pangs of frequent eating.

Advantage of Kundalini awakening

When the spiritual enlightenment takes overwhat one experience is pure bliss. The person becomes peaceful from inside and looks at the universe with more positivity. The awakening leads to improved levels of intelligence with a finer sense of sound, sight and color. There is a feeling of serenity that sets in the individual and improves the psychic abilities of the person. The stimulation slows down the ageing and makes the person more creative. The individual feels more empathy and spiritual connection. The positivity that one experiences attracts people and situations based on their own thoughts.


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