How does Yoga Keep you Fit?

How does Yoga Keep you Fit?

How Yoga Keeps You Fit

Our Western expectations of medicine make us reliant on scientific evidence to understand the benefits of any form of activity. Therefore, the centuries of yoga benefits that have accumulated may not have been accessible to the mainstream. We know that yoga feels amazing, but now there is evidence for why. The benefits of yoga can be physically categorized based on the findings of multiple scientific studies. The science also can point to the exact ways in which yoga can keep our bodies physically fit.


What Does the Science Say?

  • Yoga makes you more flexible.

With practice over time the body naturally relaxes and loosens, which improves flexibility in the joints and muscles. This can lead to an end of body pain, which may be due to tight muscles and improper alignment.


  • Yoga builds muscle strength.

The poses of yoga serve a greater purpose than their presence on an Instagram feed may reflect. While pose is held, the muscles are stimulated to grow and strengthening. The flexibility of the poses also contributes to the increased strengthening of the muscle tissue.


  • Yoga Gives You Better Posture.

We often forget the weight our body must hold erect. If done incorrectly, this can lead to severe degenerative issues over time. Yoga encourages correct alignment of limbs and the head. The correction can help to ease muscle strain and promote more muscle growth over time. In addition, the correction of alignment will reduce pain that may prevent you from being physically active. Improving posture also improves the way that you breathe. Therefore, your blood will be better oxygenated, further improving cellular function throughout the body.


  • Yoga Reduces Osteoporosis Risk.

Load-bearing exercises improve bone strength. Therefore, the poses in yoga that require you to lift your own weight are working to promote healthier bone structure. The practice of yoga increases bone density, in the same way that lifting weights at the gym can.


  • Yoga can get your Heart Rate Up and can Lower your Blood Pressure

We do not usually think of yoga as an aerobic activity. However, if the practice is done dynamically enough, or if a certain flow is done, the heart rate can be boosted to the aerobic levels. This can improve the condition of your heart and increase your cardiovascular endurance. A British study also found that the practice of yoga can lead to a significant decrease in blood pressure for those who suffer with hypertension.


There are several ways that the practice of yoga can keep your muscles strengthened, your bones healthy and your heart steadily pumping. Together with these and a multitude of other reasons, the practice of yoga can help you to maintain physical fitness and emotional well-being.



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