Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women

Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women

Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women

Research suggests that prenatal yoga can have many desirable effects on a pregnant woman. Many mums-to-be seek a new way to incorporate exercise and healthy practices into their pregnancy and prenatal yoga is a great way to do just that. Although we are told it is good for us, it can be interesting to know just what benefits you can look forward to when taking prenatal yoga classes, so let’s take a closer look. 


  • Practice Breathing

Yoga teaches you to control your breathing technique and eliminate external distractions to draw your focus internally. Learning to control your breathing can help you to calm your nerves and reduces stress to make your pregnancy experience a more positive one. Yoga can also help you get prepared for labour by developing deep breathing strategies. Yoga instructors can talk you through the best breathing techniques in labour and help you include your breathing strategy in your birthing plan.


  • Relives Common Prenatal Conditions

Yoga is proven to relief common prenatal conditions; it noticeably decreases headaches and nausea as well as having positive effects on carpal tunnel syndrome. By exercising regularly you are contributing to your body’s health and well-being as well as that of your unborn child. Yoga also helps to increase blood circulation which in turn, reduces swelling, a common side effect of pregnancy. Yoga can work wonders on your baby body confidence and help you feel the best you throughout your pregnancy. On top of its relieving effects, it can also prevent problems during pregnancy and birth. Yoga is proven to reduce preterm labour's risk and the risk of intrauterine growth restriction; a condition which impacts the growth of the child.


  • Relieves Tensions and Pain

During pregnancy as the mothers bump grows, more strain is put on their lower back and hips. Their upper back, neck and shoulders are also tense as their breasts grow and become heavier. Yoga can help to relieve the tension and pain caused by these growth changes. The exercises also help to develop strength and stamina to help your body better carry the weight and relieve the strain on your body.


  • Socialise

Pregnancy can be a positive experience, but some mothers report feeling lonely and ostracised due to their condition. They feel they cannot socialise in the way they used to. Joining a prenatal yoga class can introduce you to a whole new group of likeminded mama’s-to-be who can help you through your pregnancy. You can develop a support network of friends in a similar situation to yourself who can share tips and give advice about all aspects of pregnancy, birth and parenthood. 


  • Creates a Positive Environment for Baby

Yoga calls on you to focus on your body and feel part of the changes taking place. The time spent in quietude channelling your energy inwards is time focused on your child; building a nurturing relationship even before birth. You will naturally feel more relaxed and will get better sleep resulting in a happier you and a happy mum means a happy baby. Yoga promotes a healthy developing environment for your child.



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